About Us

StesaTrade was founded in 2015 in Belgrade, as a classic “brick and mortar” store of nick-knacks, accessories, and interesting items that any good gift shop must have. It was founded as a family business (father and son), with hopes of securing a safe and prosperous future. Like any new venture, it came with its own set of problems, learning curves and roadblocks, but with persistence, know-how, and a thirst for knowledge, we were able to set up a financially stable and sustainable small business within just a few years.

After a while, we started to consider ways to expand our business towards new avenues and apply all the things we learned in the process. First we considered the classic way of expanding through opening stores in new locations, but this route had significant flaws, particularly with the costs and complexities of such a business model that limited our creative potential and possibility for growth. But as they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and we were able to find an outlet for our passion for new technologies and combine it with our business acumen.

Today the Internet presents a multitude of new opportunities to revitalize old concepts – everything from blogging to online shopping – and offers unparalleled access to a global customer base. Armed with our earlier knowledge, we set out in this new direction. Once again, we had to deal with a sharp learning curve – we had to learn how to build, design and maintain websites and offer the best possible service. The year 2018 marked the beginning of intense research to master the skills necessary to succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce. Of course, this did not deter us, as we love technology and find challenges stimulating.

In late 2018, we started our first shop, Band and Bracelets, which specializes in fashion bracelets and watch bands. This was a landmark moment that signaled a new chapter in our business.

With hard work and continuous development, we were able to persist and conquer our own place in the cutthroat business of online shopping. After a year (that simply flew by) we summed up the results and were proud to see that our first project was a success and that our first idea was a hit!

Encouraged by our success and confident that everything we learned could be put to even better use, we soon started on our next project. This time, we opted for a different approach – a shop that focuses on a single product. We realized that the ever-expanding niche of health and beauty had tremendous potential, so we selected a product we truly could stand behind and designed our entire website around it. That is how Beauty Draft came to be.

The results were promising from the very beginning, and this only served to encourage us to go even further and convinced us that our instincts are correct. We believe that growth, development and learning never stop, and we apply the same principles to all our business ventures. Given that we are always on the go, we are already searching for the next stage of our development, for our next challenge.

Some might not consider this story to be particularly important, but it is to us, as it reflects the journey that has affected and changed the course of our lives.

We hope that some of our excitement and passion has shone through these few paragraphs, and that you will follow us and our continued development. Our story isn’t even halfway through, and the best is yet to come.

Yours truly,